We Are Wana Energy Solutions

Workingto create awareness in the community that LPG should be the premier alternative

Wana Energy Solutions started in 2008 on the premise that Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a Clean, Accessible, Reliable, Energy (CARE) that can improve the lives of the almost 26 million people in Uganda who rely on biomass as a source of energy for cooking.

About 80% of Ugandans live in the country side and out of these 85% rely on subsistence farming meaning that they are trapped in the poverty line hence not being able to climb on the clean energy ladder.

However new and innovative business model approaches are able to support such communities to open up doors of bring LPG near to such communities. WANA has innovated the best ever method of enabling rural customers to have 3 – 6 kg cylinder of low weight which enables them to cook food with cleaner sources of energy rather than traditional fuels. Currently WANA is operating in Mbale, Mpigi, Kampala and Wakiso District. Plans are underway to expand this service to other areas.

For customers who enjoy cooking with clean energy, Wana is a one stop shop that provides timely deliveries and value for money cooking gas, unlike traditional fuels, Wana provides clean, reliable, Affordable and thermally efficient energy from liquefied petroleum gas

Pay and CookTM

Our Purpose

we exist to transform the livelihood of our people socially and economically by providing them with affordable clean cooking solutions that help curb indoor pollution related illnesses and allow them to maximise their opportunities

Our Vision

To be the leading distributors and marketers of clean cooking energy solutions to the people of Africa

Our Mission

Improving lives of rural and peri urban women in Africa through bringing clean cooking fuels near to their communities

Positioning Statement

WANA Energy Solutions provides user friendly clean energy solutions to households, commercial setups franchises, and distributors so as to curb indoor pollution related illnesses.

Our Tagline

You cook with a Smile!

Our Motto

You have tried the rest, now use the best

Our Core Values

We are guided by and strive to uphold the following core values in all the activities we undertake


We are dedicated to quality, timeliness and excellence in our service and live up to the commitments we set. we perform our tasks and deliver our outputs to the best of our ability with a focus on continuously improving quality, productivity and professional development


We are honest and consistent in whatever and adhere to our moral and ethical principles and values

Creativity and Innovation

We are creative in delivering value to our stakeholders and believe in continuous improvement while promoting and rewarding creativity and adaptation and to new ways of doing things


We embrace togetherness, promote and support a diverse, yet unified, team while believing in partnerships and collaborations without losing individual accountability. we combine resources, competences, skills and work as a team in pursuit of the vision

Stakeholders sensitivity

In arriving at decisions, we endeavor to strike a balance and recognize the interests expectations and aspirations of various stakeholders in the business. We therefore continually seek to identify, understand and respond to the customer concerns and interests, employee welfare, shareholder confidence and concerns of other stakeholders as the basis for sustaining mutually beneficial and respectable business relations.

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